Friday, August 6, 2010

"A Conversation About Health Reform"

See the very good discussion by Maxine Udall over at the "Girl Economist" site, and discussed from a sound and sensible economic perspective, of at least one thing that is wrong with the current economics of health care.

50 Ways to Implement Health Reform: State Challenges and Federal Assistance

This semester I will be teaching health economics again. Consequently, I will again more actively post to, and manage, this website,

My first post concerns a very good video link that came to my mailbox today.

Today I received the the linked-above video from the Kaiser Family Foundation. It links to a video that I would encourage watching of a panel discussion on the issue of implementation of the recently passed Health Care Reform bill. I watched the whole thing and can testify that it includes much new and interesting information. It may be a bit long for your tastes. If you find that is true, I encourage you to at least minimize it and listen to in the background while you are performing other tasks on your computer that are not too mentally taxing, like checking email or surfing the internet. I think you will get much valuable information from doing so.